Wednesday, 6 November 2013

There Are NO Quick Fixes - Sorry!

Recently I have seen too many articles etc where people are talking about meal replacement shakes and weight loss pills for quick fix.

If these products really worked then why are there the number of obese people in the UK rising? If these pills and shakes worked don't you think every doctor around the UK would be prescribing them?

I'm sorry to tell you but its a money making ploy for companies worldwide.

The newest craze is meal replacement shakes - one brand in particular is Herbalife - apparently they are packed full of nutrients - you read the ingredients and fine me TWO natural ingredients! Half of the ingredients aren't even pronounceable.

So in 2006 Herbalife achieved reported sales of $6.4 billion in 2012! And your going to tell me they are interested in your health! Herbalife is not sold by nutritionists, in fact they are average sales people. So let me ask you, would you take your car to a dentist for its service? NO. So why buy a meal replacement shake and take nutritional advice from a sales rep? (hahaha I just thought, I am not a nutritionist and I am asking you to believe and trust in me!)

Right so now lets look at the ingredients in this magic weight loss powder:

Nothing natural in their folks. I would much rather have a nice pancake for breakfast, or a healthy fruit smoothie with some flax seed and spinach!

I've also heard a few people say 'I will use diet shakes until I have lost x amount of weight', my reply 'so what happens when you eat again?', 'Well I will change what I eat'

WHY NOT JUST CHANGE WHAT YOU EAT NOW!!!!! Losing weight will not change your behavior towards food once you have lost the weight, then you will put in back on, use diets shakes again and hey presto - a vicious cycle begins. Weight loss is much more simple than you think, read my previous blog here.

Also remember that by restricting nutrients and calories you can cause your body more harm than good and wreak havoc with your hormones which in the long run will start to mess your bodies natural metabolism. For more on this subject click here and give this blog a read.

Sorry this is turning into a bit of a rant but seriously - this annoys the hell out of me!

So diet pills, if they work why are there new ones out everyone month claiming to be better than the previous - now don't get me wrong, I am sure some natural aids can help with weight loss but that's all they will do 'AID' they will not melt away inches of fat - you have to eat real food and exercise for REAL results that LAST.

But think about it - a year ago we were all meant to take Acai berry tablets, this year its the year of Raspberry ketone! All I see on Groupon and Facebook lately is three months supply of some magic pill, or articles on how to lose a stone in a month. Stop wasting your money on these pills and go buy some real food from your local farm shop!

EW then you have those diet pills where you have to eat a limited amount of fat other wise it all just comes out the other end (a little sick in mouth happens at this thought). These pills can be prescribed by doctors to extremely overweight patients but I would not recommended just walking into Boots and buying these things. It's wrong on soooo many levels. Besides as you should all know by now we NEED fat!

So people - please before using this shakes and pills just sit yourself down and have a think about what you are actually going to gain - yes at first you may feel fantastic as you start to see the weight dropping of but I can pretty much guarantee you will start to feel tired, lethargic, fed up, bored and then binge on shit!!!! Think about your current diet habits, how can you improve your current diet, write down 5 targets that you can achieve over a week or a month and start to make small changes to a healthier new you. (for example eat less sugar, walk twice a week..... your get the idea). I promise you, using diet shakes will not change your attitude towards food once you hit your target weight.

I heard a quote yesterday which I think fits well with this topic - just make regular small changes and stick to them. There are no quick fixes in weight loss and health.

For a nutritionist's take on the matter I suggest reading this article: - they know what they are talking about more than I do!

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