Friday, 8 November 2013

My Top Exercises for Women

Most ladies go to the gym and this its all about cardio. Well as you already know I am a keen lifter. Click here for my blog on the benefits of weight lifting. So I am now going to tell you my top exercises that I think every woman should do - even doing these alongside your cardio will be beneficial. (These workouts are also good for men but for ladies looking to start toning these exercises are a great place to start).

Squats are a simple exercise and can be done with just your body weight to see results. Squats are great as they use a lot of your lower body muscles and can help aid good posture. This picture shows the lower body muscles used when squatting. I would also recommend squatting as low as you can go to engage as many muscles as possible. The below image shows the correct posture for a back squat. There are several different ways to squat but I prefer this one.

Pull Ups
Pull ups are great for a full upper body work out. Most gyms now have assisted pull up machines (I use these as I still can't do a full pull up unaided!). Like with the squats you can vary the workout by changing the position of your hands to work different muscles, i.e close grip and wide grip.

 Dead Lifts
I LOVE doing dead lifts, this is a great exercise for toning up the bottom. Again there are a few variations of dead lift but I like the stiff leg dead lift and the traditional dead lift. I find this is the easiest exercise to lift big, which makes me feel like a boss!

Press Up's 
This is another upper body exercise that I love, although I still can't do more than about 5 full press ups so I do them in my knee's, girly style, but they are great at using the whole upper body and is also a great core workout.

So as you can see there is something for everyone no matter how strong you currently are. As you get stronger start to add and increase weights. Just try doing these exercises to the end of your current workouts and see how you feel :)

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