Sunday, 13 October 2013

Why I Prefer Weights To Cardio

As I have previously mentioned, for over a year I was going to the gym four times a week and doing an hour of pure cardio. Rowing machine, treadmill, cross trainer, bike, stepper! I lost no weights, my body composition did not change and to be honest it made me feel miserable. I then came across Ben Coomber and Lucy Doyle and they spoke a a lot about weight training. So I listened to their advise, started weight training and 8 months later I had lost a stone and a half.

The trouble with weight training is that there are a lot of myths surrounding it, the biggest is that it will make women bulky, false, cake will make women bulky.

This is not the case - weight training can significantly help reduce fat. Focusing solely on cardio workouts you will lose fat and muscle, making you a skinny fat person, whereas weight training will promote healthy muscle, body tone and shape.

 Five Reasons For Weight Training

1) Weights will change your body composition
Diet is what aids weight loss, exercise is what changes your body composition, and I don't mean spending hours on the treadmill. Yes cardio will help with fat loss but it will only break down your existing tissue leaving you with a bottom like that above (left) making you a skinny fat person. To get that rounded peachy bottom and a toned look throughout you whole body you need to left heavy. Doing hundreds of reps with your nice pink dumbbells is just another form of cardio and is not going to give you a toned body. Once you have you diet under control you need to start lifting heavy to build lean muscle tissue.

2) Weight training burns more calories than cardio
May people think that doing cardio will burn more calories than weight training thanks to that lovely display that tells you that you have burnt 500 calories doing a nice run. However your body will get used to doing that same work out week in week out meaning your no longer challenging your body, resulting in less calories burnt per work out. Another thing to consider is that as soon as your stop your cadio workout your calories being used stops. However with weight training your body will continue to burn calories for up to 48 hours after your workout. I know its hard to believe as you rarely see weight trainers sweating like the runners etc. Not to mentions the fact that lean muscle will burn calories during periods of rest.

3) Cardio can be an excuse to over eat
How many times have we all done cardio and then said 'I will treat myself to that cake' or 'its ok I deserve it I've just been for a nice run'? You cannot reverse the damage of eating a slice of cake by hopping the rowing machine for 30 minutes. Most people who weight train do not think like this, they usually think how am I going to replenish my muscle I have worked so hard to build!

4) Weight Training Will Give you Confidence
This is very much the case for me - I know I am far from being as toned as alot of weight trainers (I m currently doing a 12 week programme to improve my tone). Knowing that I am physically stronger gives me confidence, being strong has changed me a lot and has even made me a more positive person. It's all about realising that what I just done, I could not have done 2 weeks ago. I still long for the day that I can do an unassisted pull up but I know I will get there and when I do I will love that feeling. I never got that from cardio workouts.

5) Weight Training Will Give You a Fine Bottom 
Do you really want a bottom like that one above (left)? No? Then go squat and dead lift and aim for a bottom like that on the right.

My favorite weight lifting exercises have to be the dead lift, the squat and the pull up (still aided). For me the feeling of lifting bigger and better over the coming weeks is much more satisfying than running that extra five minutes and seeing no results.

So ladies put down your pink dumbbells and go lift big.

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