Saturday, 19 October 2013

Week Two Training Update

Right, so I'm now two weeks into my 12 week training schedule. Eating cleaner has become so much easier as I do not want to undo all my hard work by eating shit! Also I am finding that the less shit I eat the less I actually crave it, if I fancy something sweet after dinner I will have a bowl of yogurt with some honey and/or nut butter. Also a good tip I discovered by accident is to have a few nuts before my workout, the small amount of protein followed by exercise is really good at suppressing the appetite resulting in a smaller dinner.

At the gym I can't really say that I am feeling any stronger yet. Pull ups are still my weak point and this week I really struggled to do 3 sets of 10 reps, but I determined to make progress so that by Christmas I can reach my goal of doing at least one unaided pull up. Legs I am doing well at and dead lifts have become my all time favorite exercise. I can currently lift 25 kgs (3 sets of 10 reps). My aim is to be able to lift my body weight by Christmas - as I lift heavier I will be looking to reduce the amount of reps I do per set - I am also hoping I may weight less by then too!!!! Maybe a bit optimistic but we will see.

For me weight lifting is a great way to de-stress after work and is goods way to end the work day before going home and enjoying my evening. It also provides less stress on the joints and is a great way to lose weight and tone up those problem areas.

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