Friday, 25 October 2013

Week Three - The Write Off!

Well it's safe to say this week has been a complete write off! 

On Saturday I got this really horrible cramp like knot I'm my stomach, I ignored it and put it down to indigestion, Sunday it was still there but managed to do 40 minutes at the gym, by Monday I had to leave work early and the cramping was soooo painful I was nearly in tears. Turns out I had managed to get the tummy bug :-( so needless to say I have not been going to the gym. 

The biggest issue is that my diet has become somewhat of a train wreck. In three days I had lost 4lbs (water weight I know) so I ended up eating burger king, cakes and chocolate :O trust me, I'm feeling it, my energy levels have slumped, getting up in the mornings has become a struggle, it's difficult to concentrate, I know these results can also be put down to the bug but I really shouldn't have let my food slip so much. Although, if nothing else this train wreck has make me realise the benefits of a healthy diet and why I am doing this.

One bad week due to illness does not equal failure, it's life, things happen. So as of Sunday I will be going back to my week three training routine and getting my food intake back on track.

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