Wednesday, 9 October 2013

I'm Bored of Explaining Myself!

This blog entry is really more of a rant.

I am fed up of people going 'you are eating that for lunch' - on this occasion I had a lunch box full of vegetables with a chunk of tuna steak, 'how can you eat soup without a roll' - referring to my pumpkin soup, 'you had what for breakfast' - see below!!!!


What I eat is my choice, I eat what I eat because it makes me feel good, I know if I have a sandwich at lunch I will feel lethargic after lunch and my energy levels will slump, whereas if I have a nice salad of some left over dinner for lunch I will be ready and rearing to go for the rest of the day! I can also pretty much guarantee that if these people questioning me about my food choices ate like me for 1-2 weeks, then went back to their normal way of eating, they too would realise that the food they have been eating makes them feel icky too! (I think wheat and gluten are the biggest culprits)

For example this morning this is what my breakfast looked like: 


Coconut milk
Frozen Berries
Almond butter
Flax Seed
Handful of spinach (can't really taste the spinach just adds LOADS of nutrients)

Now not a lot of you reading this won't try this and probably thing 'yuk' but let me tell you its a dam sight better than a bowl of cereal and it tastes amazing! And the best thing is - it kept me full up till lunch - you can't say that about a lot of pre-packaged cereals.

So please let me get on eating what I eat without picking holes - maybe these people just find it easier to be negative about my way of eating that actually look at their diet and realise that they are eating too much s**t that comes out of packets. 

Rant over :)

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