Sunday, 22 September 2013

The Dangers of 5:2 to Women

The 5:2 has been advertised everywhere lately, its emerging that celebrities are using this way of eating to lose weight, even restaurants are now selling dishes to fit in with this life style but how much do we really know about this new diet craze? Men and woman react differently to this diet plan and the benefits seem to be more beneficial to men. What if I told you that in woman it could significantly effect the reproductive system affecting your chance of having a family in the future?

Support is Essential

Something we are all faced with when losing weight is negativity from others! Over coming this negativity can be difficult and at times soul destroying. Its difficult to make other people understand your reasons to change, to make them see your doing this because your respect your body enough not to fill it full of processed fake foods. Some of the comments I know are common are things like 'your taking this to seriously', 'your going to get too skinny' etc. Then you have the comments from people regarding the foods you eat, 'Ew what is that', 'I can't believe you don't eat cereal for breakfast', the best bit advise I can give you is to tell those people to fuck off! You are doing this for yourself, not for anyone else so why worry about what they think. Why waste your time explaining to them why you are doing this.

Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Processed Foods - What does it Actually Mean?

Food processing is any technique that alters the natural state of the food. So why would you want to change the natural state? Food is processed for the following reasons:

  • It prolongs the foods shelf life
  • It reduces the risk of food borne illnesses
  • It can maintain or improve the texture and flavour
  • It can upgrade the nutritional contents

I'm Back!

Firstly I would like to apologise for not writing anything for a while now. I have just moved house and the new house needed a lot of work so I just have not had time. I was literally spending all day at work and then going over to the new house and decorating! I am now all settled and ready to continue blogging!

While moving I tried soooo hard to stick to 'healthy eating' but some nights it was much easier just to order a Chinese! At the end of the day I am still human and the world of 'convenience foods' still has the power to lure me in. However I am now back on track, eating healthy and training again. My first gym session was a killer, I could barely walk for two days, and I now have stairs in my house to contend with (I moved from a flat) - after a good leg session its a real struggle to walk up them. 

Anyway I am now back and I hope you will enjoy the posts to follow :)